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‘Rasika is warm, vibrant & intense.’

‘Rasika makes you feel energized & strong.’

‘Rasika is powerful.’

‘Rasika releases emotion & passion.’

‘Ujjvala calls to mind feelings of excitement.’

‘Ujjvala is Energetic.’

‘Ujjvala is Attention-Getting.’

‘Ujjvala invokes a feeling of warm, sunny days.’

‘Sãdhanã grabs attention.’

‘Sãdhanã is energetic.’

‘Sãdhanã is cheerful.’

‘Sãdhanã exudes brightness, light, vitality & optimism.’

‘Kathinatã represents tranquility, good luck & health.’

‘Kathinatã relieves stress.’

‘Kathinatã is optimistic.’

‘Kathinatã is compassionate, peaceful & stable.’

‘Srad’dhã is calm and serene.’

‘Srad’dhã calls to mind feelings of calmness & serenity.’

‘Srad’dhã is peaceful, tranquil & secure.’

‘Srad’dhã calls to mind feelings of stability & security.’

‘Viveka represents wisdom and spirituality.’

‘Viveka is mysterious & imaginative.’

‘Viveka is beautiful, elegant, and regal.’

‘Viveka is soothing.’

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