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This is what Tomès can mean to you !

Tomès proposes a global concept about the meaning of colors, beauty,  inspiration and the spiritual meaning of the artwork as a whole.

Our concept is completely on customer demand, taking your own values and vision into account.

If you are an architect, an interior designer, a hotel owner or a private art collector, we work and think with you, for you to reach the highest level on the global concept of your project. We talk to you, but overall, we listen to you in order to create a unique added value to your global concept.

It is something never seen before, because Tomas and Vincent are two unique artists concerned about what their customers want. The artworks they produce are much more than only paint, flowers and colors. Apart from the meaning of the colors themselves, which already evoke a certain feeling into the subconsciousness, It is much more…

The reason for its existence is much deeper than that. Sometimes its effect is healing, sometimes energizing or relaxing, depending on the place and situation. It can also evoke spiritual inspiration…

It is our goal and mission to work with you and your specific needs.

No other artist works like this and this is the reason Tomès gives your projects an extra added value, incomparable with any other art experience.

Are you seeking for a unique art experience that you and your clients will enjoy on a totally different level?

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